How much does it cost?
Our fees vary according to your acreage and the amount of customer support and training needed. As you will note, these fees are extremely low and average less than 1-2% of total annual farming costs. The reduction of one farming activity during the year or an increase of 1/10th of a ton per acre would more than pay for the entire cost of the service. Quite a return for a small investment. And that doesn't even count the potential for improved relationships with your clients and higher grape prices.
Here is our most recent fee schedule:
Client Acres Set-up Fee Annual Service Fee per Acre
20 $400 $168
40 $600 $108
100 $800 $72
200 $1,200 $48
400 $1,500 $36
800 $1,800 $27
1600 $2,000 $18

Estimated hours of training ($75 per hour) vary from 8-40 depending on acreage.
Additional charges across all services include viticulturalist/programmer ($110 per hour), assistant viticulturalist ($65 per hour), data collector ($40 per hour) and additional customer support ($60 per hour.)