Our Management
Steve Matthiasson started his career in the San Joaquin Valley collaborating with growers who were pioneering organic and sustainable practices. After four years providing consulting services to vineyard and orchard clients with Four Seasons Ag Consulting, based in Modesto, Steve joined the Lodi-Woodbridge Wine Grape Commission to co-author, with Dr. Clifford Ohmart, the Lodi Winegrower's Workbook: A Self-Assessment of Integrated Farming, which provides growers with a resource guide and self-assessment tool for their sustainable winegrape farming and viticultural practices. Steve and Cliff’s work formed the basis for the Wine Institute’s Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices Self-Assessment Workbook, which has been used by more than 1,400 vineyards and wineries.
After finishing the Lodi Winegrower's Workbook, Steve moved to R.H. Phillips Wine Company as Research Viticulturist. In addition to viticultural responsibility for all of R.H. Phillips' 2,400 acres, he managed R.H. Phillips' research program which included vineyard trials addressing issues such as irrigation, crop levels, and canopy management.
In addition to his vineyard work, Steve has been making wine since 2003 for his wine brand “Matthiasson,” which is known for classically balanced, moderate alcohol, age-worthy reds and whites. Steve also makes wine for a select few other brands interested in balanced wines
Steve received his BA from Whittier College in 1991 and his MS from UC Davis in 1996. He is a licensed Pest Control Advisor, a member of the review committee for the American Vineyard Foundation, a Director of the Napa County Farm Bureau, a Board Member of the Applied Ecologists Foundation, the past President of the Association of Applied Integrated Pest Management Ecologists, and past Chair of the Viticulture Committee for the California Enological Research Association. Steve and his family live in Napa, California, where they farm several of their own vineyards and stone fruit orchards.
Steve’s current clients include Araujo Estate, Della Valle, Young Inglewood, Limerick Lane, and others.
Garrett Buckland grew up raising cattle and growing grapes in the Napa Valley. Given his father's business, Buckland Vineyard Management, Garrett has been involved in every aspect of farming ultra-premium winegrapes since before he was old enough to reach the pedals on the tractor.  Garrett continued working with his father at Buckland Vineyard Management developing and managing vineyards across Napa, Sonoma, and El Dorado counties until completing UC Davis. Garrett received his B.S. in Viticulture and Enology from the University of California at Davis in 2004.
While at Davis Garrett worked on rootstock trials with Foundation Plant Services and on grape virus transmission with the Department of Plant Pathology.
In addition to Premiere, Garrett is formerly a consulting winemaker working with over 15,000 cases of ultra premium wines.
Garrett serves as the President of the Napa Valley Grape Growers, is past President of the Napa Viticultural Technical Group, and past Conference Chair of the Association of Applied IPM ecologists.
Garrett’s current clients include Arcadia Vineyards, Baldacci, Blue Rock, Bettinelli Vineyards, Hall Wines, Knights Bridge, Long Meadow Ranch, Acumen and others.

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